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Lolita, 50th Anniversary Edition

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov The classic book by Nabokov that was controversial when it was published back in 1955 as it is now in the third millennium. The joys of Lolita are the style, the writing, the narrative. I read the new translated edition of the text published in 2005. I had read Lolita way back when in my early twenties. It still has the same qualities and the same irritants as it did then. Amazing writing, amazing voices. You get into Humbert head, his sickness, his delirium, I didn't like being in his head, it's a bleak, desperate and lonely place to be but Nabokov succeeds in making the reader identify with the narrator against its will. Lolita, Lo is so much a creation of Humbert's phantasms, his needs that she's only an image, an echo made flesh for the reader, we "get" a real Dolores, an alive, strong Dolly at the end only. I needed to bleach my brain after each time I put down the book because man, Humbert was one insane man but the writing, the style of Nabokov brought me back to finish another chapter and another one.