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Gatsby Le Magnifique (Ldp Litterature) (French Edition)

Gatsby Le Magnifique (Poche) - F. Scott Fitzgerald Compared to Dos Passos "Manhattan Transfer" about the same time period (early 1920's), in about the same place (New York), Fitzgerald's Gatsby engaged me less emotionally. The tale of the life of Gatsby's insane dream of reconquering Daisy's love to the bitter end left me cold. These idle, powerful, rich people are living thru life without a care and without conscience. They do their thing and go on, leaving behind shattered lives and destruction. Not much have changed since then either. Gatsby can be read as a cautionary tale about the American dream. About the pursuit of money, power. Contrary to Dos Passos, I found Gatsby very depressing and very dark. That dream life is not the life I dream about, want or pursue.