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Knitting Bones (Needlecraft Mysteries)

Knitting Bones - Monica Ferris This is her latest title in the needlepoint series. It came out last December. Her newest one is due next December Thai Die. Betsy Devonshire, the needlepoint store owner/sleuth is barely in this one. She conveniently breaks her ankle or leg can't remember in the first chapter. The weight of the plot is then transferred on Godwin, her trustful friend and employee at the needle shop. It's fun to watch Godwin try to emulate Betsy and Ferris does try to makes this endeavor interesting but with mixed results. The mystery isn't really one, the bad guy is a very bad caricature of the gay man into drugs, party and money. Not her best and it looks like the series has lost its direction somewhat. Can't have the supporting characters do all the work.