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I Brake for Bad Boys

I Brake For Bad Boys - Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Shannon McKenna More like 2 1/2 stars. I read two of the three novellas of the book. The main reason for reading was Janelle Denison's "Something Wilde" which was better than the second title in that series "Wilde Thing". The "romance" between Eric and Jill is less "hicky" but Denison uses again the whole Fantasy/Role play as an erotic ploy. It gets old fast even if in this one she didn't go off the rail as in Wilde Thing. The surprise was Shannon McKenna's Touch me. McKenna's way of using the Fantasy/Role play as a plot device is used intelligently and usefully. Tess is a mess emotionally and so is Jonas. Both characters find something in the other that works. McKenna succeeded in less than 100 pages in creating two flesh and blood character without going over the top.