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Dans Les Bois Eternels (French Edition)

Dans Les Bois Eternels (French Edition) - Fred Vargas Amazing and it took away the bad taste that was left from her previous Adamsberg's novel. This time Adamsberg faces two evils that might be actually one or three. Like all Vargas "mysteries" the how Adamsberg gets there is somewhat twisted and beware of red herrings in this one. I had the right solution (first time that ever happened to me with Vargas) and was convinced otherwise by her cunning. The scenes of Jean-Baptiste and his little son are precious and tender. His very human and male reactions to Camille getting on with her life are also well done. But Violette Retancourt whom I thought was a caricature in the last book steals the book along with Estalère that finally becomes a whole character not just a loosely drawn idea. In fact all of Adamsberg "gang" gets a more defined focus and it adds to the richness of the whole book.