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The Xibalba Murders (Archaeological Mysteries, No. 1)

The Xibalba Murders: An Archeological Mystery - Lyn Hamilton A good start to the series. I learned a few things about Maya mythology. The archeological background of the writer and the way she integrated the information in the plot makes the reader receptive to the information. It is still not perfectly blended into the plot but it's far from the pages and pages of information dumping style I've sometimes come across. The culprits I guessed early on but the lead character, Lara, is endearing and worth following up on. Recently divorced and having lost the business she built from the ground up, Lara used to be an antique dealer specializing in archeological pieces, Lara finds herself at crossroads. She goes back to school to get her bearings but lacks enthousiasm. When a call from an old friend asks her to come help him find a "writing rabbit" she flies out to Mexico's Yucatan and finds herself involve in a series of violent deaths. The epilogue is a bit predicable, a bit rushed. I'm gonna definitely hunt down book # 2 to see where the writer takes Lara next.