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Black Ships

Black Ships - Jo Graham This re-imagining of The Aeneid through the eyes of a priestess of The Lady of The Dead worked for me. This quest of the People, exiled from Wilusa (Troy) destroyed to find a place, to fulfil their destiny is well constructed, well plotted and twist enough of the legendary tales to make it fresh and vibrant. I loved her Aeneas aka Neas. I loved Xandros, how could I not love Xandros. The stops along the way to their destiny are shown not told. Jo Graham is obviously passionate about the history of the period. Her speculations about the economics, about the why the cities of the Sea are fading away are interesting and no where do the reader feel she's infodumping. Never.I love it. Really. Find it and enjoy even if you have never heard of the tale of Aeneas. It's a great story about friendship, faith, un-required love and destiny.