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Death Trick: A Murder Mystery (Donald Strachey Mysteries)

Death Trick - Richard Stevenson Richard Stevenson created a wonderful character, Donald Strachey, that the reader can relate to, cheer with and just let go and enjoy the ride. This is the first book in the series Stevenson created. Always fun to start with the first one, it sets the characters. (I usually like to read in order. In fact, I'm kinda obsessed with that but I made an exception with this series as the titles are mostly out of print and I'm rummaging thru online used bookstores for the them). This mystery is set in 1979 and Strachey is hired to find Billy Blount a twenty something young man, wanted for the murder of the man he spent the night with. Upper crust families, messed up parents, intrigue and a fun ride. I enjoyed it a lot. The dynamic between Donald and Timothy is fun to watch.