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The Curse of the Pharaohs.[An Amelia Peabody mystery,#2]. *Scarcest of all her books!

The Curse of the Pharaohs.[An Amelia Peabody mystery,#2]. *Scarcest of all her books! - Elizabeth[pseudo.of Barbara G.Mertz](1927- ) Peters As good as I remembered. Amelia and Emerson tackle a curse or is it a curse? This is the adventure when we meet Mr O'Connell, the tabloid journalist. The young Irishman is the first of many strays that Amelia adopts along the way, also Cyrus Vandergelt, the rich American amateur Egyptologist that we will encounter many times along the books. Of course this is Ramses' bow too. I have to say I fell for Ramses even as an unbelievable 3 years old but he is such a strong character (even at 3). Of course the case of the Pharaoh's curse is 'inspired' by Lord Carnarvon's King Tut curse. Peters is very good at teasing the knowledgeable reader with little hints that Emerson and Amelia are so close but not close enough to King Tut's tomb. The scene with Grébault hiding behind curtains at the Museum, priceless.