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L'AMANT SANS DOMICILE FIXE - CARLO ; LUCENTINI,  FRANCO FRUTTERO The lover of no fixed abode. I don't know if this novel has been translated. A woman meets a man in Venice. They spend three days together. Could be a boring story. It's not. It start slowly and builts up to a crescendo where we connect the dots and we go "ah". Must like the hero of the tale. The switching point of view can be annoying at first but you get used to it. The writers do celebrate the romanticism and mystery of Venice as the city of mystery and love. The city is as much a character in this story than the couple. I caught on with the underlining theme of the story early on but couldn't phantom how they would bring it to make sense. They did with a nice twist that I should have seen coming since I had known the legend they based Mr. Silvera on. You can easily imagine Peter Wingfield in Silvera's part. There are definitely shades of Methos in Silvera's character.