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Espresso Tales: A 44 Scotland Street Novel (2)

Espresso Tales - Alexander McCall Smith, Iain Mcintosh Alexander McCall Smith fluffly serial novel #2 in his 44 Scotland Street series. It's fluffly, it's light reading. The characters are mostly caricatures especially Berty's mom and Bruce. Despite the caricature aspect, I got attached to most of the characters. Some I adore, Berty is my favourite, followed closely by Big Lou. I adore to loathe Berty's mom. She does shine in her own particular obsessive light in this one. It's not Tales of the City, then again after book 3, Tales wasn't Tales of the City either. I read Scotland Street for the soap opera drama, the ups and downs of the characters and the overall pinkish atmosphere.It's your typical serial genre story.