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Poseidon's Gold, No. 5 in the Marcus Didius Falco Series

Poseidon's Gold, No. 5 in the Marcus Didius Falco Series - Lindsey Davis Almost 4 stars. Marcus Didius and Helena are back in Rome after their adventures in Germany. They come back to mayhem, blackmail, soldiers seeking retribution and the ghost of Marcus' older brother Festus. Festus is one of the best dead character I've read. He has been dead for 3 years but still haunts every one and his antics are messing up the family. This fifth novel in Davis' series is more about family, family loyalty, family sticky together even when one of the family nearly cost you your life. Not a lot of action but plenty of character development. Life in Rome in the first century is never, ever dull. Lost ships full of Greek statues, fakes, originals, scumbag artists, runaway slaves are only the tip of the iceberg. Still all through this we have two strong, loving characters (Helena and Marcus) that are worth it, the side mystery is not the principal attraction of this novel but adds a nice touch.