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One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer

One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer - Nathaniel Fick This was an inside the Humvee, inside the life of a Marine platoon as you can ever be without being there. It's a no nonsense account of a young Recon lieutenant who lead his Marines and kept them alive through the first weeks of the Iraq war. How he got there, how he thrived on the challenge and why it made him the man he is. Fick's account is poignant, thoughtful and engaging. You are riding with him towards Baghdad, waiting and patrolling in Afghanistan and living on a warship for the first time. Of course, this Recon Marine platoon was made famous by Rolling Stone's journalist Evan Wright's Generation Kill. This gives another view of the same time period and proper background. This is from inside looking out not outside looking in even if Wright was ultimately part of the journey. I still have to watch HBO's miniseries based on Wright's book. I'm not sure the fictional retelling will measure up to the images of their journey in my head from Fick's amazing book.