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L'armée furieuse

L'Armée furieuse - Fred Vargas Vintage Vargas. You kinda need to have read the previous book to fully get where Adamsberg is coming from and why he is in just a strange head space (more that usual for him). The plot hinges on the supernatural again. It's well done and the whole small village with history going back to the middle ages atmosphere delivers what it promised. I kinda guessed who the culprit was 3/4 in but that's not bad since part of the fun of reading an Adamsberg mystery is how he will ultimately snare the culprit when all he has is very tiny pieces of evidence when he's lucky. In this one it's the omnipresence of sugar that bugs Adamsberg to almost madness that finally cracks the whole thing. I liked it. I couldn't go through it like I wanted to. Usually it only takes me 1 our 2 days to read a Vargas. Not this time, right now is one of the lowest book count for a month is a very, very long time for me. Too much work makes me a slow reader.