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Reine Margot, La (French Edition)

Reine Margot, La (French Edition) - Alexandre Père Dumas Read this in about a week one summer. This began a summer of Dumas' take of this 'cursed' family. Marguerite, Charles, Henri (all three of them), Catherine, the powerful iron hand behind the throne who after the death of her philandering husband, Henri II, took over and mostly ran France all during her sons' reigns. (François, Charles and Henri). This is a tale of love, hate, betrayal, war, power and how it corrupts absolutely. What I remember the most are the three Henris. Henri de Guise, doomed from the start, too ambitious and somewhat Marguerite's first love. Henri D'Anjou, second son of Catherine, exiled to be king of Poland, tragic and complex figure and of course Henri de Navarre, good king Henri IV who in the end will be the victor of this twisted war between him and Catherine but not without huge costs. La Reine Margot focuses on Marguerite's parts from her forced marriage to Henri de Navarre to the death of her brother Charles IX. Dumas portraits her as a tragic figure and a woman who loves too much. The whole De La Mole affair is pure fiction but adds to the whole tragic atmosphere. Still one of my favourite.