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Her Best Worst Mistake

Her Best Worst Mistake - Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry rarely, rarely disappoint. Her new book that she published herself in ebook format didn't disappoint. It's almost a 'huis-clos' with only two people : Violet and Martin. Opposites. He's Violet's best friend fiancé and she's Martin's fiancée best friend. Both get under each other skin's but kept peace because of Elizabeth. With her gone, the animosity turns to passion, to lust and care and love. It could have been a cliché set up, the 'romantic/sex' scenes could have turn icky in someone else hands but in Sarah Mayberry's the sex is fun, tender, passionate. The misplaced guilt towards the best friend is not over played. The reader gets to know both Violet and Martin at the same time they get to know each other.It's well written, it's two people who find love and tenderness with someone they didn't expect to like or love. Still cliché but when a cliché is well done it's wonderful thing.