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The Other Side of Us (Harlequin Superromance)

The Other Side of Us - Sarah Mayberry How refreshing to read about late thirties almost forty people who had lives, have pasts and baggage work through falling in love, get a grip on intimacy, how to be with someone else. There is this h/c that if you have a thing for h/c scene that will make you go awww. But that could be just me. *g*This is the story of two people Mackenzie who was this powerful TV exec, she was where she wanted to be and did what needed to be done to get there and stay there. Oliver who thought he had this marriage thing down, happy life, etc. Both hurt one physically, one emotionally.And there are the dogs. This is one thing that is a bit cutesy but it's not pushed too far, Mayberry stops just at the right place before the dogs become annoying. This is an emotional journey for both characters and how sometimes it's the right time to find someone you click with but is there really such a thing as a right time. I liked this. A solid 3.5 pushed to 4 stars.