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Regeneration (Regeneration #1) - Pat Barker As wonderful as I was told it would be. Really. It's wonderful. Best WW1 novel I've read to-date. Also a very close to the line, never becoming voyeurism RPF. It's real people, living in what is for us remote history, a time in history which was difficult, a daily nightmare for the men and women on the front line and in the medical evac tents. This is shown to us with an economy of words but important words and an engaging and pulling you into the narrative style that made me, slow down my reading, enjoy the pace the author set and enjoy and feel the pain, the despair of these young in age but not in mind and body, men who went through hell, time and time again. Either physically in France or every night in their sleep. Regeneration is an important work of literature on an important moment in time. For me anyway.